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Modern Door Frames - Extra Security All Around Your Home

DoorsDirect is your trusted supplier of wooden door frames and door jambs for all kinds of internal and external doors around your home.

Our door frames come in two heights, which indicate which ones are intended for use inside your home, and which are made for external use.

You might often see the term ‘door jamb’ used in connection with a door frame - ‘jamb’ simply refers to the vertical wooden sides of the frame. They are important because they bear the weight of the door, as well as keeping the door frame square and stable.

Over time, buildings often move on their foundations. While this movement may be very slight, it can be enough to mean that a door jamb is no longer vertical. This means it will no longer be holding the weight of the door evenly all the way along its height.

If you fail to address this, you could eventually find that your doors will start to stick at either the top or the bottom. And if this problem is left unchecked, your door could eventually start to stick in the frame.

In turn, having to push increasingly hard on a door to get it to open will put more stress on the door itself, and so could force it too out of shape.

So when you start finding it more difficult to open or close a door fully, the problem may lie with your door frame or door jamb no longer being square.

If this happens to you, don’t panic. We can supply you with a completely new, precision-made door frame or door jamb, as well as pairs of sidelights if required, so that your home stays properly secured.

Call or email us, or contact us via WhatsApp, if you have any questions about stock availability on our range of door frames or door jambs, or order with confidence, and get fast delivery throughout South Africa.

Doors Direct Door Frame FAQs

How do I assemble my door frame?

Our door frames are supplied unassembled for ease of transport over long distances. However, all come with full assembly instructions, and we can be contacted by phone or email if you have any questions regarding the fitting of your door frame.

Are your door frames available in different sizes?

We can supply you with door frames in a number of different sizes, and for apertures intended for single or double doors. While the vast majority of doors, whether single or double, are standard sizes, feel free to contact us if you are unsure of your requirements.

Can all your door frames and jambs be painted in colours of my choice?

Yes, the high-quality, kiln-dried meranti timber that is used to make our door frames is otherwise untreated, and can be painted any colour you wish.

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