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If you're looking for high quality wooden sliding doors for a great price, then Doors Direct is the place for you to visit!

South Africa’s huge variety of glass panel doors with high-grade meranti Timber!

With plenty of happy customers, contact us for a free quote now! Make sure you don't miss out on our brilliant range of sliding doors, now made with wooden materials to ensure safety, style and speed.

We deliver anywhere in South Africa... Cape Town | Johannesburg | Durban | Pretoria | Port Elizabeth

We cover a wide range of delivery destinations and will deliver all of our products to you in good time - order on Thursday, and get it on Friday!

If you have any questions about delivery terms, send us a message via our contact details, and we will get back in contact as soon as possible.

Save Space & Bring the Sunshine in your Home.

Sliding patio doors from Doors Direct don't swing - so they require less floor space - allowing you to place furniture nearby. They are a great source of natural light. Choose from several different product lines to best fit your needs.

A Wide Range Of Styles To Choose From

Our sliding doors are some of the best wooden doors on the market in South Africa.

We can guarantee that they will not only bring a lot of ease to your living experience, but also a choice of contemporary styles, providing a classic touch with wooden neutral tones, with an element of modernity with the sliding aspect.

Built From The Finest Quality Materials

Only the highest grade of sustainable meranti timber is used in the manufacture of our wooden sliding doors.

Secure And Safe Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors also contribute to your home's overall safety. For a brilliantly low price, considering the high quality of our sliding door products, we create custom-fitted doors that are excellently sound-proof and anti-break-in: keeping your home safe for you and your family.

Additionally, due to the ease of movement from the doors sliding instead of opening inwards, they are great for elderly residents and those who may have trouble navigating through rooms in their house without any assistance.

Our handles can also be customised to fit in with any accent colours you may have in your home's interior design. Alternatively and more practically, we can customise the handles to ensure an extra-strong grip for children and elderly family members.

Looking for Sliding Door Wheels, Handles & Rollers?

Our warehouse is suitable for builders and DIYers alike with fully stocked sliding door supplies.

All sliding doors come pre-assembled in the frame ready to be installed. Factory fitted locks and any custom handle can also be fitted on request.

Our Sliding Patio Door Prices.

The prices for sliding doors at Doors Direct range between R 5,730 and R 35,660. We have you covered whatever your budget.

Why Choose Doors Direct?

We will always deliver you the highest quality products possible. Need any assistance with a purchase? Get in touch with our friendly team, who will be available to provide you with the information you need, should you have any issue with a product, or any general questions.

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