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Wooden Window Frames

The rich grain and organic texture of solid wood make beautifully crafted wood windows a wonderful addition to any home or building. We provide wood windows in a range of styles and price ranges so that you can beautify your home for an affordable price. 

Meranti Wood Windows

Our Meranti wood windows are manufactured from the finest kiln-dried solid meranti timber. The versatility and stability of meranti make it suitable for wooden frames and other decorative features. 

Meranti timber can vary in colours; ranging from pale-red to reddish-brown, so opting to match your wood windows with Meranti wooden doors will give your home a warm, cosy feel. 


Give Your Home A Modern Update

Wooden frames can give a brighter, more clean look to any home and provide a more natural yet modern looking feel to any living space.

Our window frames create a stylish look for any living room, especially with more than one frame size to choose from via your closest store.

A Wide Range Of Sizes To Choose From

Whatever styles or sizes you're after, we're always on hand to let you know what we have in stock.

Whether you're shopping online or in-store, you can be sure that any frame you choose is made from quality material when you browse through our categories of frames. If you're not sure what you're looking for, our business also offers a free consultation service.

We can guarantee that you'll love your new frames - no matter what size you pick!

Durable, High-Quality Frames

Our frames are made to last - they can withstand harsh weather conditions, general wear and tear, and more.

Interested in matching your windows with the rest of your frames? Not only do we provide quality window frames here at Doors Direct, but we also offer door frames and flooring.


Types of Windows

We offer windows in a range of shapes and styles...

Cottage Pane Windows

Cottage pane or small-pane windows will give your home a rustic look, as they are made up of many segments of rectangular glass. This also means that they can be easily replaced if one small pane breaks. 

Full Pane Wooden Windows

With a full pane wooden window your view of the outdoors will be unobstructed; letting as much light as possible into your home. We stock full pane windows in a range of sizes so shop our full collection to find the right option for you.

Mock Sash Wooden Windows

Mock sash windows are designed to look like traditional sash windows without the sash that slides up and down. This is a more cost-effective option compared to installing traditional sash wooden windows.

Awning Wooden Windows

Awning wooden windows are hinged at the top edge of the window and they can be opened outwards. We offer awning windows in a range of shapes, and they come with brass handles and hinges.

The Benefits of Wooden Windows

There are several advantages to choosing wooden windows over metal or aluminium windows. Here are some of the different ways you can benefit:

  • Wood windows also provide much better insulation than aluminium windows.

  • In general, wood has a much smaller carbon footprint than other materials used to construct windows. It takes 6 times the amount of energy to make a similar window out of aluminium. 

  • All of the wooden windows at Doors Direct are fully guaranteed.


Improve The Security Of Your Home

Windows with wooden frames are much safer and private than those made from plastic or aluminium. This is exactly why we suggest using wooden components for your windows when installing them into your building.

Not only are they more soundproof, but they are also much harder to break - usually, they play a part in preventing household crimes, owing to their quality and strength.

If you're on the search for high-quality, protective windows, then search no further! Our store always has a great selection in stock for you to explore - and we are happy to reply to any message you send in regards to queries about aluminium versus wooden window frames.

So what are you waiting for? Join the growing number of happy Doors Direct customers who have used our wooden windows in their homes.


Where to Buy Wooden Windows in South Africa

Doors Direct proudly offers South Africa's largest range of wooden windows all available online for you to conveniently purchase. Our timber window range includes everything from cottage pane windows, to small-pane, Strongwood, sliding, awning, top hung, bay & many more options.

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