Xpanda Grille Gates

Xpanda Grille security gates are a firm favourite when it comes to versatile, easy to use, and effective security for commercial and residential properties. The Xpanda security gates come in a variety of different sizes to suit all manner of doorways and can be installed easily and quickly to give you added protection....

The Xpanda Grille Gates are crafted from steel, coated in a UV resistant paint and finished to the specifications required by SABS, making these gates the ideal gates for various security risks.

Not only do the Xpanda gates give you the added protection but they also offer a strong deterrent to criminals, so that your property will not be targeted and no damage should be caused.

The Xpanda security gates also come with either a deadlock or shootbolt lock, depending on what your preference and purpose is for the gate.

These gates are perfect for front and back doorways, pedestrian walkways and driveways and come with differing designs and colours.

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