Stable Doors

Many homeowners know that having the perfect door can completely transform the look of your home. Whether it's a showstopping pivot entrance or a unique carved design, your front door is your chance to make a statement about your property....

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the exciting option of Stable Doors. This style allows you to open the top half of your door frame whilst keeping the bottom half closed and freely enjoy the open air of your garden from the comfort of the indoors.

At Doors Direct, we offer an extensive range of stable doors with various styles at incredible prices. Click here to view our options and begin the search for your dream door.

Custom Made South African Stable Doors 

Stable Doors are often used as exterior doors for kitchens, as the top and bottom half are able to open separately, therefore, allowing ventilation through the top and preventing pets from getting in or out.

All of our stable doors are supplied across South Africa and can be made to custom specifications, whether you need a different size or coloring. If you’d rather have some embedded glass panels, wide-sized wooden folding doors, or a sturdy premium paneled door then you can click through to any of our other product pages.

If you need door accessories, feel free to view our door handles, door locks, and hinges before you make a purchase. These items are best purchased together as we will be able to match the best-fitting door lock with your desired door when you buy them together.

Need anything else? 

We supply a large range of standard stable doors and are also able to custom manufacture doors to your specifications. If you don't see the door you require within the stable door category on our site, send us an email with your requirements, and we will prepare a quote.



What are the benefits of having a stable door?

Stable doors have several unique advantages. Ever been cooking on a hot day and felt as though opening your windows just wasn't enough to make the room feel airy? A stable door allows you to let fresh air into the room while keeping your door locked and secure.

This is a convenient and safe way to 'keep the door open' whilst keeping the house safe, especially if you have animals or small children. Stable doors offer maximum ventilation with safety and style.

The benefit of ordering your stable door with Doors Direct is that we offer deliveries anywhere in South Africa, directly to your residence.

Our deliveries will be with you within 2-3 days - and for an additional fee, we offer an overnight courier option to get your product to you within 24 hours of the sale confirmation.

Will my stable door be secure?

All doors purchased with Doors Direct are guaranteed to be secure and safe. To check out the options within the stable door category at Doors Direct, click here.

Can I have my stable door designed to my requirements?

Doors Direct is proud to offer custom doors built specifically to fit your needs. If you need a slightly larger or slightly smaller fitting than the average measurement, Doors Direct can create and quote a custom piece for your property.

Similarly, if you want one of our designs with a different wood or panel accent, then Doors Direct is happy to discuss a quote for your custom item. To get in touch with us about your requirements, you can phone or email our workers via the contact information on our website for your quote.

Are there any disadvantages to having a stable door installed?

No style is perfect for every single customer. With stable doors, it is simply a matter of personal taste. We can't tell you which style you'll like most. But we can tell you that stable doors offer a unique flair at an affordable price, with unmatched open-air ventilation compared to every other door category.

If this sounds right for you, then check out our stable door category at Doors Direct.

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