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No more solid walls - these folding doors fold away connecting the house with the garden. Because they can be opened and neatly stacked to the side they are a great option for maximising the free flow of space and creating a feeling of openness between indoors and out....

All of our Meranti Wooden Folding Doors come pre-hung in the frame ready to be installed. Doors Direct folding doors are supplied with solid brass e-track on the bottom and an aluminium u-channel at the top. Anodized aluminium folding sliding rollers and guides, as well as adjustable hinges, are standard on all of our folding doors.

Folding Stacking Doors from Doors Direct are supplied complete with factory fitted locks, handles and flush bolts. Folding doors are also often referred to as bi-fold doors, accordion doors, folding sliding doors & concertina doors. 

All our foldings doors come in a standard height of 2115mm. Special sizing is available on request. Please contact us regarding special sizes.

To open up your home and make space seem larger, folding doors are a great alternative to swinging doors. A sliding door system gives you the best of both worlds, connecting the house with the garden but also giving you privacy when you need it. 

Also referred to as bi-fold doors, accordion folding doors, sliding doors and concertina doors, folding doors not only look great but have a neat and clean design that can save you space. Sliding doors are perfect for any climate and a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Enjoy better air circulation with doors that can bring a cooling breeze inside and prevent your living area from getting stuffy - perfect during the hotter weather we often enjoy in South Africa.

At Doors Direct, we are proud of our extensive experience in sourcing materials both locally and abroad to create high-quality doors that are both practical and match the aesthetic of your home. Our sliding doors are made from solid wood species that we have selected for their durable and attractive properties, giving your home a brand new look that you will love.

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Why Get Your Folding Doors From Us?

High Quality and Versatile

Perfect for home improvements, folding doors come in a range of designs that can add either a contemporary or traditional feel to your home. Folding doors are very versatile in design and appearance, whether you want full or small pane door panels, bi-fold doors or multi-point folding doors, we have all kinds of designs to choose from. All of our folding doors are a heavy duty build and come pre-hung in the frame to make installation easy.

Sleek, Fold-Away Design

No more solid walls! These folding doors can be opened and neatly stacked to the side, making them a great option for maximising the free flow of space and creating a feeling of openness between indoors and out. 

Doors Direct folding doors are supplied with solid brass e-track on the bottom, an aluminium u-channel at the top and anodized aluminium folding sliding rollers and guides. Adjustable hinges are also standard on all of our folding door systems so you can make easy modifications to get your door to operate perfectly.

A Perfect Fit for Your Home

As well as the doors themselves, we also provide the door hardware to go with them. We can supply factory fit locks, handles and flush bolts at a small additional cost. All our folding interior doors come in a standard height of 2115mm which should fit most homes, however, special sizing is available on request. Please contact us regarding special sizes and we'll be happy to provide more information.