Strongwood Folding Doors

The problem for many homeowners is that burglar guards over folding doors appear prison-like and unsightly, and detract from the overall beauty of the home. Strongwood™ offers an attractive solution. Solid steel bars, incased in quality hardwood, which extend the full length of the folding door leaf, adding beauty as well as security to your home. To find out more about Strongwood™ click here ...

All of our Strongwood Folding Doors come pre-hung in the frame ready to be installed. Doors Direct folding doors are supplied with solid brass e-track on the bottom and an aluminium u-channel at the top. Anodized aluminium folding sliding rollers and guides are standard on all of our folding doors.

Strongwood Folding Stacking units are supplied complete with factory fitted locks, handles and flush bolts.

You must look at the door as if it is opening up from the outside. RHS - Right Hand Stacking, LHS - Left Hand Stacking

*Number of horizontal and verticle bars may vary from illustration *Doors are supplied without glass | *All prices include VAT | Custom Sizes available

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