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Your home is your castle, and to keep it and everything and everyone in it secure, you need effective security measures.

The doors are the portals through which you allow those people you trust into your home. But at the same time, those doors also have a vital function in stopping others who might try to enter from doing so.

In order for them to do both of these jobs effectively, there’s a whole set of mechanical operations which have to be carried out smoothly.

The difficulty with door lock problems is that, as so much of their workings are invisible, getting to the cause can be a headache, and call for the services of a trained locksmith.

And in many cases, that can end up being just as expensive as having your entire door locks mechanism removed and replaced.


Why Buy a Door Lock from Doors Direct?

At Doors Direct, we supply doors and all the hardware needed to fit and complete them. When you want to achieve a beautiful-looking entrance to your home, the door you choose is only part of the story.

Getting that door to operate smoothly and reliably, time after time, year after year, requires a comprehensive set of associated parts - including locks, handles and hinges - all of which play their own part.

Door locks can seem very simple on the surface, but they also vary greatly in the level of security they provide.

And as doors themselves have become increasingly elaborate and decorative, so the need has grown for their locking systems to withstand all attempts to get around them.

That has meant the use of the strongest, longest-lasting  metals and alloys to provide that vital line of defence between you, your family, your belongings and those who might want to steal or damage them.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice good looks when fitting the strongest protection you can buy - at Doors Direct we supply door locks offering the highest level of security which fit all the latest designs of doors, in uPVC and composite materials.

So take a look through our wide choice of door locks, and get in touch if you need any pointers to guide you towards the right type and style for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the different parts in a typical door lock?

Most standard door locks consist of three elements. The cylinder is the round barrel into which you slot the key. This contains several spring-loaded pins which are pressed inwards when you insert a correctly-shaped key into the lock, and allow the lock to be disengaged.

The bolt or latch is the part of the lock which fits together to keep the door fastened to the frame when the lock is engaged.

What is the difference between a single cylinder and a double cylinder door lock?

A single cylinder door lock will have a handle or turn knob on only the internal side of the door, while the double cylinder lock variety can be operated by a handle or knob on both sides.

Most internal doors will be of the double cylinder type, while an external door can be of either kind.

What is a dead lock for a door and what advantages does it offer over a conventional lock?

A dead lock features a higher security latch bolt which incorporates a plunger that is held in a retracted position when the door is closed. This can prevent it from being slipped open by a credit card. 

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Picture of QS6002/J Stainless Steel Latch Lock
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Picture of QS0055/5 Stainless steel bathroom lock
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Stainless Steel Hook Lock | Product Image | Doors Direct
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QS6235SS Hook Lock 35mm

3-4 days
R 197.00
Rebate Kit | Image Of Mortice Locks | DoorsDirect
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QS RB Rebate Kit

3-4 days
R 197.00
3 Lever Lock Latch & Deadbolt | Product Image | DoorsDirect
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Satin Nickel Double Cylinder | Product Image of Satin Nickel Double Cylinder | Doors Direct
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Stainless Steel Cylinder Deadlock | Product Image 1 | Doors Direct
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Picture of QS1108 Satin Nickle Knob Cylinder No Keys
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Latch Bolt | Product Image of Latch Bolt | Doors Direct
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Steel Latch Bolt & Cylinder Dead Lock | Product Image 1 | Doors Direct
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Picture of QS6055/3AS/SS Roller Ball Lock
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Roller Bolt & Cylinder Dead Lock | Image Of Roller Bolt | Doors Direct
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Double Knob Cylinder | Product Image of Double Knob Cylinder | Doors Direct
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Picture of QS400/1 Stainless Steel Push bar
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QS400/1 Stainless Steel Push bar

3 - 4 days
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Picture of QS400/2 Stainless Steel Push bar
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Picture of QS400/3 Stainless Steel Push bar
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Picture of QSX4200 Smart Lock
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QSX4200 Smart Lock

3-4 days
R 7,403.00