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There are many times when an extra level of security is needed for your home or business premises - and in times like these, DoorsDirect supplies and recommends Xpanda security gates, grille gates, swing gates and burglar guards.

Xpanda grille gates are a simple yet effective security measure for residential and commercial properties, Our selection of these gates is available in a choice of white or bronze finishes. You can choose each design with a shoot bolt or key lockable fastening.

All of the Xpanda range of Xpanda Security Doors is designed in a distinct trellis style, intended to add a robust extra layer of protection wherever it is needed.

We can also supply you with the retractable security gates from the Xpanda Saftidor range. These gates are easily fitted across an existing entrance, and provide an extra level of security which can simply be folded back out of the way when it isn’t needed.

If you need something more permanent and visible, then take a look at the Alu-Glide range of security gates. Housed in their own rust-proof aluminium frame, and featuring a low-profile, anti-trip bottom rack, these gates slide back almost fully, to provide a wide and easily accessible opening. The Alu-Glide security gate also features a slam-locking facility, allowing you to quickly close and secure them shut in an emergency.

We also offer its black driveway gate set in wrought iron, designed to fit a 3-metre wide entrance, and with a height ranging from 1,600mm at the edges to 2,000mm in the centre.

You will also find the Xpanda range of brick-pattern metal burglar guards, purpose-designed to be fitted to the inside of a wooden window frame, and each with a pattern designed to make it extremely difficult for an intruder to reach through. The metal core is coated with an electroplate finish for hardness, and epoxy to make the guards scratch- and rust-resistant.

Last, but not least, we also supply Xpanda Clear Vision transparent anti-burglar bars, which are ideal for when you want the reassurance of extra security, but don’t want it to be obtrusive. These burglar bars are made from fully transparent polycarbonate, and have been treated on both sides with a UV-resistant coating.

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Xpanda Doors FAQs

What is the history of Xpanda Doors?

Xpanda has been manufacturing physical security barriers (security gates, burglar bars, roller shutters, etc) since 1974.  In that time, the business has consistently been at the forefront of research and development in the physical barrier market.

What are Xpanda gates made from?

Xpanda grille gates are made solely from steel, which is coated in a UV-resistant paint, and finished to the specifications laid down by the South African Bureau of Standards.

What guarantees are offered with Xpanda doors?

Xpanda uses various corrosion prevention treatments to prevent damage to its products against the weather, salt water, acids, or other hostile environments. However, because of the variations in air composition, the guarantee offered on Xpanda doors varies. In inland locations, there is a three-year guarantee against faulty workmanship and failure, while that guarantee is one year if the door is in a coastal area, where it can be affected by sea salt. All locks,moving parts and electronic components are covered by a one-year guarantee.

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