Xpanda Security

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Here at Doors Direct we offer a wide range of products from Security specialists, Xpanda. Founded in 1974, Xpanda is one the most trusted physical barrier manufacturers in South Africa, creating high-quality products for over 45 years, and is committed to continuing to innovate to make the most secure barriers on the market....

Our Xpanda range covers the tried and tested products from swing gates, security gates, burglar guards, and more. Their signature Grille gates are completely trackless meaning that they are seamlessly installed, come in a number of different dimensions, and are ready to go straight away. 

Xpanda are invested in providing the best barrier systems for access and security control, be that at home or in a workplace. 

The versatility of the Xpanda products means that they are an ideal solution to both residential and commercial protection, with window, doorway, shop front, and driveway gates perfect for adding that extra security to your property.

The Xpanda range is made from high-quality materials with rolled steel seen throughout, are flexible if needed and can be stored easily when not in use. The Xpanda products are also sleek and stylish, offering a contemporary aesthetic that doesn’t seem too out of place.