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A home that isn’t sufficiently secured is an invitation to burglars and unprotected windows are their first target. Our wooden windows are fitted with tough steel burglar bars and installed with the window to create an aligned cottage pane effect. This provides an added layer of security without sacrificing style. 

How do Burglar Proof Windows’ Designs Work? 

Burglar proof windows give you peace of mind that all aspects of your home are protected if an intruder tries to enter your property. But how do they work?

Our security windows and burglar proof windows are available as full pane or small pane options, however, they are also fitted with steel bars to prevent burglars from entering your home. These bars are placed strategically in the window frame and casing,  so that even with the windows open, the house is well protected against burglary.

Strongwood™ Security Windows

Burglar guarding usually protects only the opening window section, leaving a large pane of glass unprotected, however, Strongwood™ offers an attractive solution. Our Strongwood™ security windows are made from solid steel bars which are encased in quality hardwood and extend the full length of the window; adding beauty as well as security to your home.

Where to Buy Burglar Proof Windows and Doors in South Africa

The warmth of wood is both appealing and hard-wearing, whilst the solid steel bars gives you an added layer of security. Best of all, you can purchase stylish, safe and secure windows and doors right here on the Doors Direct website. 

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