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Hinges are the unglamorous workhorse part of your doors that often go unnoticed. However, it is important that you choose quality parts to work with your doors to provide a high standard of reliability and security.

That is why we carefully select the best pair of QS stainless steel hinges for our selection. Our selection of hinges is durable and reliable, making them the perfect choice for both internal and external door use.

What Makes A Great Door Hinge?

When you're on the search for a good pair of hinges to create better quality hardware for your home, you should search high and low for the product that has the most durability and the store that provides that most reliable hinge for a great price.

The material that the hinge is made from should be made from high-quality stock to ensure that the hinge lasts for a good amount of time.

Durable & Reliable Door Hinges

Our extensive selection of hinges are made from quality stainless steel and are ideally suited for both residential and commercial use. Stainless steel hinges have both the durability and the reliability to be used for both internal and external installations and are designed to fit a wide variety of doors.

A Range Of Hinges For Every Situation

Whether you are browsing our store for a hinge suitable for traditional or sliding doors, our Doors Direct store has each sort of open or closed hinge you may need - at a brilliant price.

Types Of Hinges In Our Shop

From sinkless to ball-bearing, to projection with single and double open action, we have a wide variety of items for household repairs and DIY projects. We're certain you will find great home solutions for all your searches here at Doors Direct.

If there is a certain type of item you need that appears to no longer be in stock, give our store a call - we'll see what we can do to sort any issue you may have.

Built To Last A Lifetime

If you place orders for your home from our shop today, we can give you a store guarantee that for a great low price, our high-quality stock will last a lifetime of opening and closing throughout the time spent in your home.

Be sure to visit our store to see just how great a price our durable hinges are, and make sure to get them for your own home while our store stock lasts!

You can also check our website to view any of our stock before you order any supplies you may need. Our website also allows you to filter and sort by category as well - making for a seamless shopping experience.

Why Buy Door Hinges From Doors Direct?

Here at Doors Direct, we are one of South Africa’s leading door manufacturers with over 30 years of experience in supplying high-quality doors and door accessories.

All of our hinges are supplied as a pair, making it easier and more cost-effective for you. All of our hinges come with a standard 5 Year Guarantee, providing you with added peace of mind.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our selection of door handles or any of our other products don’t hesitate to contact us on 031 012 8033.

Additionally, if you wish to discuss the price of any of our other items, including windows and frames, we are more than happy for you to contact us on the above number for a free quote or more information about our stock.

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Sinkless Hinge | Product Image of A Sinkless Hinge | Doors Direct
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QS4441 Sinkless Hinge

3-4 days
R 124.00
Ball Bearing Hinge | Product Image of Ball Bearing Hinge | Doors Direct
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QS4417BB Ball Bearing Hinge

3-4 days
Best Seller
R 135.00
BB Hinges | Product Image of Door Handle | Doors Direct
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Grade 13 Door Hinge | Product Image of Grade 13 Door Hinge | Doors Direct
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Rising Hinge | Product Image of A Rising Hinge | Doors Direct
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QS4440 Rising Hinge

3-4 days
R 204.00
Projection Hinges | Product Image of A Projection Hinge | Doors Direct
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QS4412/1 Projection Hinge 150mm

3-4 days
Best Seller
R 323.00
Projection Hinge | Product Image of Projection Hinge | Doors Direct
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Projection Hinge | Product Image Of Projection Hinge | Shop Doors Direct
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Projection Hinge | Product Image Of A Projection Hinge | Doors Direct
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QS4412/4 Projection Hinge 230mm

3-4 days
Best Seller
R 461.00
Picture of QS4439 Single Action Spring Hinge
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Pivot Hinge Set | Product Image of Pivot Hinge Set | Doors Direct
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QS5504 Pivot Hinge Set

1-2 days Usually in stock
R 933.00
Picture of QS860 Floorspring
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QS860 Floorspring

3-4 days
R 1,432.00
Picture of QS899V Variable Floor Spring
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