Premium Paneled Doors

Doors Direct offers a complete and varied set of premium panelled doors for your home, business or development project. 

Premium wood panelled doors supplied by Doors Direct are perfect for any up-market development looking to make a strong first impression, for any business or home in South Africa, a premium door will exhibit wealth, success and pride in one's home. ...

All of our premium panelled doors come standard with 42mm panels, pre-dipped with sealant in our factory and can be produced to match any custom specifications you might have.  A premium panelled door is an ideal fit for any discerning home designer. 

What is a premium panelled door? 

A premium panelled door is a high-end solid or compound wood door that has raised or sunken panels within the outer edges of the door. For Doors Direct’s premium panelled doors we use specially selected premium timber and deep, rich varnish so that it exudes a deep and inviting sense of luxury. 

Why should I buy a premium panelled door from Doors Direct?

  1. A premium panelled door stands out to guests, the interior raised or sunken panels give a door a sense of texture and place that it otherwise lacks. 

  2. Premium panelled doors are made of choice timber and coated on-site in our factory, this means that any premium panelled door will retain it’s looking for years to come. 

  3. Doors are one of the main ways that you can easily change a fundamental component of your house, if you are looking to re-energise the exterior or interior of your home then a premium panelled door is a cost-effective way of completely altering how your home looks and feels. 

Need something else?

We here at Doors Direct have experience in delivering high-quality custom made home necessities all across South Africa. If you need a less extravagant door or one more suited to the outdoors then take a look through our selection in the sidebar. If you can’t quite see what you're after or would like to talk to us about a custom order then you find our contact information and opening times here.

*Custom sizes available | *All prices include VAT.

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