Carved Doors

Carved Doors Supplied by Doors Direct South Africa

Ideal for light duty residential installations, our set of carved doors come in just one size parameter and are unfortunately only available with a width of 813mm width and a height of 2023mm. Our usual offering of custom dimensions can unfortunately not be offered as these doors come pre-made and professionally designed. ...

The advantages to a designer door like this are that they are cheap to produce, offer excellent stability and match well with a variety of interiors. This is a huge advantage if you are looking to install multiple doors across a range of properties or simply save costs when re-modelling an interior. 

If you would like a more bespoke carved door, a slightly sturdier premium panelled door or a door featuring glass panes then click over to our product pages to see more of our doors. If you need accessories to go along with your doors then click through to our selection of door handles, door locks and door hinges.

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