Wood and Glass Doors

Wood and Glass doors are a great way to add something extra to your home, giving you a stylish door that can also increase the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Here at Doors Direct, we pride ourselves on having high-quality affordable doors on offer. All our doors are manufactured to industry standard specifics and can be fitted into any standard door frame....

Our doors are able to support a number of different designs, such as cottage pane doors, Meranti Doors, Kentucky Doors, and more. Our vast range of products will allow you to pick the best door for you, be that an interior, front or back door.

Wood & glass doors make perfect front doors but if you’re in need of something different then take a look at our selection of wooden folding doors, wooden sliding doors, or wooden entrance units for a similar look and aesthetic.

How To Choose The Perfect Wood And Glass Doors

At Doors Direct, we have a diverse collection of styles at highly competitive prices - our customers are spoilt for choice.

Do you want a partially panelled door, with the top half featuring a glass accent, or a statement piece that features an impressive glass frame from top to bottom? We offer double glass panels, single panels, crescent glass panels and other unique glass patterns all built to accent our wooden doors.

When it comes to selecting your dream product, it will be a matter of personal taste. Consider the wood to glass ratio that you like best, and you'll be sure to find it in our extensive range of stock.

Need Something Different?

We here at Doors Direct have experience in delivering high-quality home necessities all across South Africa. If you need a non-personalized but high-quality door or one that is more suited to the outdoors, then take a look through our selection in the sidebar. If you can’t quite see what you're after or would like to talk to us about a custom order, check out our website where you can find our contact information and opening times.



Why should I consider choosing wood and glass doors for my home?

We offer a wide range of options that have the potential to add style and finesse to your property as either an interior, front or back door. The main benefit of our wood and glass products is that they allow for optimal natural light in the home.

Whether you're opting for a full glass pane, arch grilles, or any other bespoke style, these doors enable a sunlight stream to pour into your room, giving the illusion of more space and highlighting your unique interiors.

Can I get custom-made doors?

Doors Direct is proud to supply custom doors built specifically to fit your needs. If you need a slightly larger or slightly smaller fitting than the average measurement, we can create and quote a custom piece for your property.

Similarly, if you're interested in purchasing one of our designs with a different wood or panel accent, we're happy to discuss a quote for your item. To get in touch with us about your requirements, you can phone or email our workers via the contact information on our website for your quote.

Will my doors be fitted for me?

Doors Direct is a door supplier rather than an installation service.

However, we provide a product care guide to advise our customers on getting their door fitted after delivery.

Are there any drawbacks to choosing wood and glass doors?

There are no major drawbacks to choosing this design over any other product from Doors Direct. It all comes down to the customer's preference.

Some customers enjoy the flair of a glass accent and want to maximise the natural light entering their property. Others might find that a fully wooden door offers more privacy.

We can't tell you which option will fit your taste, but we can tell you that any option from us will be top-quality and crafted with care and experience. 

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