Semi Exterior Doors

What are semi exterior doors?

Semi exterior doors are doors that are intended for partial outdoor use, meaning that only one side is expected to be regularly exposed to the elements and the weather it is going to face will not be extreme like a storm or blizzard. If you are building an exterior extension like a conservatory then a semi exterior door will be ideal for ...

Doors Direct’s semi exterior timber doors come in a range of 22m panelling options and are suitable for partial exposure to the outdoors and adverse weather conditions. The professional sealed finish will ensure that your semi-exterior door will stay in good condition and retain its water resistance. We have designed our range of doors to be as accommodating to our customer’s style choices as possible. If you are struggling to find what it is you’re looking for, however, get in touch today or look at similar products like our range of fully interior doors and fully exterior doors. 

What kind of wood is best for exterior doors?

Semi exterior and exterior doors can be made of any timber type, the most important thing for the production of a high quality semi-exterior door is the use of proper lamination techniques. All wood will degrade or become aged if exposed to the elements if it is not properly sealed with laminate. Our semi exterior doors are made from all widely available timber and fully sealed so as to ensure the very longest life possible for our doors. 

What Uses Are There For Semi-exterior Doors?

Semi exterior wooden doors are best suited to locations, buildings and projects that will face mild weather and want to be aesthetically pleasing. The semi exterior doors we have provided our customers in the past have been used for 

    •         Mobile home exterior doors
    •         Conservatory doors 
    •         Domestic home backdoors
    •         Home extension doors 
    •         Domestic home front doors

How can I get a semi exterior door from Doors Direct

If you’d like to purchase one of our semi-exterior doors then you can take a look below at our full range of doors, available in variable sizes, woods and colours. If you have any further questions or are simply curious about our broader product range and delivery capabilities around Johannesburg and South Africa more broadly, get in touch here and we’ll get right back to you. 

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