Wooden Back Doors

If you’re looking for an external door for a traditional property in South Africa then our wooden back doors are an excellent choice. Timber frame and ledge stable doors such as the ones below provide a charming entrance to the home and the style of the stable doors make them ideal for cottages, terraces and older properties with character. These doors are often used as kitchen, lounge or bedroom doors because their warmth and wooden backing make them ideal for uses where both sides of the door will be frequently seen and appreciated. ...

Below you can see our wide range of excellent wooden back doors, we work hard to ensure that all of our products can always be selected or made to a wide variety of specifications. This means that if you have a non-standard size doorway and are based in South Africa then we can produce and deliver you a door of whatever wood you can see below. 

Traditional vs Modern - Wooden back doors for every home

Whether you require a more traditional tongue and groove stable style door, or a more modern full pane top frame door, the Doors direct is able to accommodate. We work hard to monitor global door style trends and are always interested in creating new or unique creations. If you have a vision for a product you don’t see below, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and tell us about your plans. 

A trend we have loved developing is the cottage pane half-frame door, these doors are made up of two frames, the top being made of glass so that you can see through and allow more natural light into your home. These work great as backdoors and can be made to order if required. 

Why choose Doors Direct for my wooden back doors?

Doors direct have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction that we are proud of, we view all of our creations as collaborative projects and we’re always happy to hear from our customers about their next project. 

We only use the very best timber for each wooden back door and have each one hand sealed on-site so that the door will last for years to come. 

Looking for something else?

If you can’t see what it is that you’re looking for on this page then take a look at our sidebar to peruse our excellent selection of other products from door handles to composite decking. If you would like to speak to one of the team then head over to our contact page to find our full contact details and opening times (localised to South Africa).  

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