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Xpanda Clear Vision Wood

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Xpanda’s ClearVision transparent burglar bars products are at the forefront of the aesthetically pleasing transparent security and safety barrier industry in South Africa.

  • A transparent burglar guard – unobstructed view for windows offering optical clarity
  • Constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection layer on both sides
  • Impact resistant so virtually unbreakable – strength & flexibility
  • Similar protection as standard steel burglar proofing
  • Rust & maintenance free – ideal for coastal conditions
  • Suitable for wood (also available for aluminium) windows
  • White or black finishing screw cover caps
  • If installed correctly, will help keep pests out such as monkeys, including unwanted intruders.
  • Each clear vision kit consists of the following:
    • 5 x 3050mm X 30mm X 5mm Polycarbonate lengths
    • 50 x Wood fasteners
    • 50 x White or Black cover caps
  • Code:  XCVW


  • 30mm
  • 3,050mm
  • 5mm
R 2,020.00
Manufacturer: Xpanda
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