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Painting Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Wooden Sliding Sash Window - Doors Direct


Sliding Sash Windows have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. We find that an increasing number of customers are painting their wooden windows, and unless this is done correctly, all sorts of problems can occur. Doors Direct Sliding Sash windows are designed in such a way, that the sashes can be easily removed for painting.

This is done by removing the beading on the inside as well as on the outside of the window frame. You must ensure that all surfaces of the wooden window frame, the sash as well as the beading are painted with a good quality pink primer, prior to applying undercoat. The paint primer must first be applied to all surfaces including surfaces that will not visible after installation. Primers are a specialised surface sealer that prepares the surface of the timber for further painting they also contain special additives to prevent problems such as described above

Doors Direct sells three different styles of sliding sash windows, the full pane sliding sash windows, Victorian sliding sash windows and Cape Dutch Sliding sash window. To find out the price of our sliding sash windows please click here.