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Wooden windows vs Aluminium windows

 wooden windows

In South Africa the most common window types are either wood or aluminium, each has their own benefits that one needs to consider but we are firm believers that wooden windows are the superior product. Here are some of the reasons we believe meranti windows should be your first choice for renovated or newly built homes.

The beauty of nature

Wooden windows offer a natural aesthetically pleasing wood grain that cannot be matched by the cold touch of aluminium.   With our skilled craftsman shaping your windows into stunning designs that are unrivalled in quality and design.

Various Window Styles

Wooden windows offer a large variety of windows styles to match your architectural design and price point. We offer large full pane windows to the more traditional cottage pane windows and sliding sash windows as well as many more other window types.

Better Insulation

Wooden windows have far superior insulation properties that will keep your home much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is because they allow less heat to pass through the window sash & frame then aluminium windows but also because the inside surface will be better insulated so will be much warmer if you’re sitting near the window. These greater insulation properties create high energy savings since you do not need to rely on your heaters or aircon as much. Nowhere better is this illustrated then in the Northern European countries such as Switzerland where all windows are made of wood to help insulate from the icy cold.

Easy Low Maintenance

One of the biggest complaints about wooden windows is maintenance, but since the introduction of water based sealers this is no longer an issue as they are far superior to varnish. If you treat the windows correctly with a good quality water based sealer such as Rystix you should only have to varnish or oil the windows every 4 years or so depending on the environment. As long as they are properly treated the windows should last a lifetime.

High Quality Wood

Not all timber types are equal when it comes to wooden windows. Doors Direct only uses high quality kiln dried meranti timber which will last far longer than pine windows as it is a solid hardwood.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable

Timber is a natural product that is one of the only renewable natural resources which is increasing its reserve sizes each year while aluminium on the other hand needs to be mined which strips the land of its natural resources and will not be renewed. Meranti windows have much smaller carbon foot print then steel or aluminium windows so it is much more environmentally friendly. 

Security that looks good to

With our patented Strongwood window technology you have an attractive security solution to traditional unsightly burglar bars that detract from the beauty of your home. Solid steel bars are encased in the solid meranti which extend the full length of the window. Click here to find out more.

So when it comes to deciding on your new windows choose wisely and choose wooden windows 

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Painting Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Wooden Sliding Sash Window - Doors Direct


Sliding Sash Windows have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. We find that an increasing number of customers are painting their wooden windows, and unless this is done correctly, all sorts of problems can occur. Doors Direct Sliding Sash windows are designed in such a way, that the sashes can be easily removed for painting.

This is done by removing the beading on the inside as well as on the outside of the window frame. You must ensure that all surfaces of the wooden window frame, the sash as well as the beading are painted with a good quality pink primer, prior to applying undercoat. The paint primer must first be applied to all surfaces including surfaces that will not visible after installation. Primers are a specialised surface sealer that prepares the surface of the timber for further painting they also contain special additives to prevent problems such as described above

Doors Direct sells three different styles of sliding sash windows, the full pane sliding sash windows, Victorian sliding sash windows and Cape Dutch Sliding sash window. To find out the price of our sliding sash windows please click here.